Bringing data science and AI/ML tools to infectious disease research

Event Fund workshop organised by the H3D Foundation and Ersilia Open Source Initiative

Welcome to the hands-on workshop on Artificial Intelligence methods for Drug Discovery!


This GitBook contains all the necessary information to follow the course, as well as links to the relevant materials.

Each day is organised in four main activities:

  • Keynote Lecture: a presentation by H3D and Ersilia staff introducing key concepts that we will put into practice during the day. It will include a 15 min Q/A section

  • Skills Workshop: a hands-on training where the course facilitators will walk the participants through a specific ML exercise

  • Breakout: participants will be divided in small groups to complete an exercise related to the skills workshop

  • Group Discussion: each group will give a short (10 min) presentation on their breakout activity.


Course Contents

Extra Content

Contains content we have not covered during the course but can help to those participants that are looking for further information.


A short description of the different tools and Python packages we will use during the workshop is available in the Documents section.


During the course, facilitators will collect the terminology specific of the field and add it to the Glossary in the Document section of this GitBook, with the goal to facilitate understanding and create a lasting resource for the participants.


To attend the course, participants will need:

  • Their own laptop

  • Access to Internet

  • A Google account to access Drive and Colab

Code of Conduct

Participants are required to abide by the code of conduct for the duration of the event, both during the workshop and in social activities before, during or after the event. Breaches of the Code of conduct will be taken seriously.

Image and media

Images, photos and/or videos will be taken during the event. Please review our media policy.

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