Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The Ersilia Open Source Initiative was founded with the goal to reduce health inequalities across the globe, so diverse and inclusive principles are woven into our organization from the start. We value and care for our employees, contributors and customers, and strive to make them feel part of our organization in every step of our joint effort to improve global health.

We believe that a diverse team is the only way to understand and answer the health needs of different part of the world, so we do not only not discriminate but welcome the contribution of each unique background in terms of education, color, race, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, citizenship or refugee status and disability. In order to proactively engage in such principles, we commit to the following strategy:

  • Include in our team underrepresented groups in the technology and life science sectors.

  • Provide a flexible work schedule to support employer’s needs in terms of balancing work and family life.

  • Create a supportive work environment where creativity and one’s opinions are listened to and valued.

  • Establish partnerships with organizations and companies that uphold the same principles as EOS Initiative.

  • Ensure that diversity and inclusion initiatives and actions are communicated and the processes are transparent.

  • As we evolve as an organization, this policy document will be revised and updated to continuously improve in our goals.

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