Setting up Ersilia versions

How to create a new version of Ersilia

Version and tag semantics

Ersilia uses semantic versioning, i.e. {major}.{minor}.{patch}. GitHub tags and Ersilia versions are synchronized. This means that Ersilia 0.1.14 corresponds tot the GitHub tag v0.1.14.

GitHub tags

Ersilia versioning is fully managed through GitHub. Therefore, to create a new version of Ersilia, all you need to do is create a GitHub tag.

We recommend using GitHub Desktop to tag a specific commit. Tags mush follow the v0.0.0 notation.

Tags can also be created from the commandline as follows:

git tag v0.1.14
git push origin v0.1.14

GitHub Actions workflows triggered

When a tag is pushed to the master branch, the following actions will be triggered:

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